Carl McTague, Brookline, by P.Anderson (2021)

Carl McTague

mathematician, composer, photographer, fiddler
email:first dot last name at bc dot edu
Boston College
Chestnut Hill,
MA 02467, USA
Boston College Seal

Interests: Topology & Algebraic Geometry, Geometric Methods in Generative Music Composition.

Biographics: CV, photo.

Blog: Central Limit Theorem Music Video, Computing p-Typical FGL’s, Two Favorite Inventions, Clifford & Marx, Cayley Lane, Dynamics of Fibonacci №’s, How to Recognize Generators for String Bordism, After Laocoön [or Before?], Binomial Coefficients & Villainy, Seminar Web Design, Comments on a Paper of Karcher, Noah in Norwich, Computing Hirzebruch L-Polynomials, Catullus of the Canopy, Dürer’s Melencolia I, Existential Angst, How to Optimize a Codex,, How Twisted Is Infinity? (RSSrss icon)

Compositions: In Medias Res, ’Round Midnight, The Lyre of Ur, Ripples Through Pitch Space, Portrait of Poincaré, (ii-V-I)7, Six Integers.



Teaching: Knot Theory, Honors Analysis, Honors Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra.

Miscellanea: Signature Optimizer for Bookbinding, Topological Methods in Algebraic Advertising, Blow-up, Escaping the Flood of Time, Egon’s Twinkie, Bach’s 🎻 Partita № 2, A Much Deserved Pie in the Face.

Fiddling: The Scholar (kitchen), Solo jigs, reels, and more reels (live). Duo reels and jigs with uilleann piper Tim Benson (studio).

Inspiration: Doug Ravenel, Jack Morava, Andrew Ranicki, Burt Totaro, Tommy Peoples, Conlon Nancarrow.